Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Charity Jacket goes to Lincoln

Ok there has been a lot of high intensity colour on here for the last few posts and, although I do revel in brights, sometimes it's nice to cool off and wear something easier on the eye. I was lucky enough to find this absolutely pristine, safari style jacket from Reiss in a charity shop for less than £5 and I already know it is likely to be a staple for the rest of summer. 

The soft, mid grey is easy to coordinate with absolutely anything really, smart or casual, and the design details as well as the structured tailoring keep things looking well put together. Grey is a great choice to combine with colour instead of black and keeps things light and summery.  I think this would look fantastic styled with jeans and yellow or orange accessories for a bright ray of sunshine.

I wore this on a visit to Lincoln where I had a meeting and it couldn't have been easier to move into wearing neutrals that morning, throwing on a simple white t shirt, jeans and this jacket and being out of the door for a speedy exit! The necklace I wore to add some visual interest is made of grey, matt steel by a graduate jewellery artist, Natalie Lee.  I bought it at Lustre craft showcase in Nottingham back in November, where a number of very talented graduates from all around the UK were showing and selling their work.

I love the 3D contemporary architectural style, worn against a simple white t or vest. 


A trip to Lincoln always means the opportunity to drop into one of my favourite haberdashery departments, tucked away in the corner at Boyes.  It's right near the station, which means I can usually dive in there while I wait for my train and do some bargain hunting. 

Great for basic coloured cottons and linings, sewing supplies and occasionally some more interesting fabric finds. Also they have some sewing patterns from a couple of the larger pattern companies. I picked up a shirt pattern, New Look 6232.  A shirt is something I would like to have a  go at making and this might be the next thing I tackle. I also added to the basket some grey cotton poly and some lovely grey cotton lawn with a tiny abstract print.

Aaaaaand ..... wait for it .... some very bright, big floral print! You knew it wouldn't last, right? See, I can't stay away for long. Even when I'm wearing neutral my brain is otherwise engaged in a bright, colour carnival. 

This is a cotton sateen with a little bit of stretch for movement. The acid yellow in the print is also a bit of a recurring choice for me in terms of colour. Maybe this is destined for Capri pants? Or a shorts/skort and top summer twinset? Or it would make a fantastic trench coat to style with that deep cerise or grey accessories for early autumn.  Hmmm, such possibilities. To round off my little retail detour I also picked up these bargain sunglasses in both black stripes and white.  Because you can never have too many.

This then caused the sun to immediately disappear and the arrival of a short but purposeful thunderstorm. And wet feet.  Time to get the train home and thank goodness for the jacket!

Jacket by Reiss, from charity shop
White t shirt by Kin at John Lewis
Glasses unlabelled from bargain store
Jeans H&M
Necklace by Natalie Lee
Neon stitched High Tops by New Look


  1. Love the blog and great to see how you put things together. AWR

    1. Thank you, that's very encouraging! I'm pleased you like it. Sarah X

  2. Good shot of Lincoln! Like the jacket too, very good find.