Saturday, 8 August 2015

Charity Playsuit 1970's Style

I have always been a huge advocate of re-using, up-cycling and up-styling, and to this end am an enthusiastic charity shopper.  What started as an occasional visit to charity shops looking for vintage pieces when I was younger, became a weekly habit when I went on maternity leave a few years ago and couldn't afford to indulge in any serious clothes buying for myself.  Since then I try to concentrate on looking for high quality garments or things I couldn't otherwise afford to buy new every day of the week.  Vintage pieces are hard to find now, but still possible, especially if they require a bit of mending or altering.  Similarly, good quality high street or designer pieces can be found and are worth snapping up even if they require a bit of attention in repair.  I was lucky to find this 1970's style, three quarter length playsuit in pure silk from Whistles at the end of last summer.  One of the straps had pulled loose, but otherwise it was perfect.  An easy fix!

It looks very vintage, with a very authentic 70's colour way of brown, white and yellow, but its actually a modern take on a design classic. Playsuits of all shapes and sizes are everywhere on the high street just now and it's amazing how many ways you can style them, from a casual daytime look with high-top trainers, sandals or platforms, to high heels and jewels for cocktails. These 70's colours and shapes are also everywhere in the shops just now and so I feel very lucky to have chanced upon this 'past season' gem.  Having held onto it from last year and wearing it only a couple of times, it has now come into the wardrobe spotlight again and looks very 'now'.  The length is great, at just on the knee and it has pockets.  I like the way it has been cleverly cut so that the stripes meet in a 'V' on the bodice.  Lots to take note of here when I'm next sewing with striped fabric.

I've put it together here with white, woven leather platform sandals by New Look, also via a charity shop.  I've added some vintage bangles in yellow and dark brown wood.  The shoes were virtually new and seemed straight away to compliment the 70's vibe when I spotted them. The great thing about this silk all-in-one outfit is that it folds away to nothing and is as light as a feather, perfect for holiday packing.  It loses creases quite quickly too, especially if you've got a shower to hang it in where the moist air will do the job for you on those natural fibres.  

This whole outfit top to toe was under £15.  Kerching!  


  1. Wow, what a find - just shows what there is around in the charity shops if you get your eye in - it looks amazing with the accessories you've chosen.

  2. Thanks! I'm so pleased it's back a-la-mode again! Sarah