Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Scarborough Sunshine and Stash!

We're just back from an amazing weekend in Filey and Scarborough.  A stolen few days of sun, sea and sandy toes!  Work has been manic just now with some long days and for various reasons my evenings have also been busy with various commitments, so not much sewing has been achieved recently.  A couple of days away to see family was just the tonic though and I'm back feeling refreshed and revitalised.  Also with sewing stash to boot, but more on that later.

The north east shook off its autumn chill for the weekend and basked in some truly wonderful, unseasonal warmth. Even the donkeys had been brushed off and brought back into service.

Coats and jumpers were peeled off.  Soon we were making a sandcastle stable for 'Maya' the horse, inventing races for the beach olympics, paddling in the waves and burying pirate treasure.

Then jeans were rolled up (or entirely removed by the kids) as the sun beat down on Filey bay in the afternoon and the temptation to jump in the sea couldn't be resisted.  It wasn't quite as cold as we expected and soon we were all wading about, splashing thigh deep in the north sea. We had arrived in the morning with coffee, snacks and buckets and spades and we stayed all day long.  Replenishing the refreshments with trips to the cafe for chips, calling in at the seafood stall for mussels and prawns and then back for chocolate biscuits and pop.  Eventually we left when the tide gradually covered our sandcastles, filled our island moat to the top and pushed us all the way back up to the sea wall.  Then it was up to the cafe again for ice creams before heading back home.  

Watching the late afternoon para-gliders swooping low over the beach was fun.  One flew incredibly low over our heads and then gracefully landed in front of us.

It freaked out the dog though, who was absolutely bewildered by humans flying around, dangling from kites.  The dog's head is in the shot here as he had actually climbed onto Tricky's knee when the photo was taken, poor pooch!

So anyway, after all that excitement, the other amazing thing about stealing a weekend away in Scarborough is that it is the home of one of my favourite haberdasheries - Boyes.  'Good Old Boyes', as it has come to be known in our family, is a little department store selling all sorts of bits and bobs and an Aladdin's cave of fabric, sewing and craft delights.  Its beautiful original building and flagship store is in Scarborough and if there is any chance at all of sneaking off for an hour to browse, then I grab it.  There's always something to pick up for my stash or that one 'thing' on my list that I've been looking for.  In this case it was 15 grey buttons and a pair of shoulder pads just the right size for my trench coat and this delightful collection.

The claret satin is a sumptuous, medium weight with good drape and a bit of stretch.  The white and gold leopard print is also stretch satin in a lighter weight and the claret leopard is a matt, slightly opaque fabric.  I also got matching thread.

I was thinking when I saw these, of making the next Rigel bomber jacket I'd planned on my Autumn wish-list, which I wanted to do in either navy or a luxe, plum shade.  I want to do the version with contrasting shoulder sections too, so that meant finding a bit of interesting contrasting fabric. This claret satin is perfect for the main body and sleeves and the contrasting pieces in plum coloured leopard would be great fun.  The white and gold leopard would make an interesting lining and chime in with the leopard touches on the outside.

However, as is always the way with me, I'm now dithering about with other ideas!  The claret satin would also make a great outfit for the party season I thought, and having draped it over my dress form I'm now wondering if I'd like to do a dress as my next project, rather than another jacket or coat.  Hmmmm.  More pondering of possibilities ensues.

I bought 2.5 metres so I've got lots to play with.  Also it happens to go really, really well with the colours in my (nearly finished but not quite!) trench coat.  Here's a sneak peek of where I'm up to with that.  The lining went in last night, so I've just got the hems, buttons and button holes to go.

Don't the colours go well together with the new satin?  Perfect for a smart dress and coat ensemble? Oh decisions, decisions!


  1. Bet Lynch much! ;) Coat looks good though. Rx

  2. Ha ha! Thanks Rich, leopard is officially neutral you know! Sx

  3. Well, we'll just have to wait and see what you decide, won't we? Have you enough fabrics to make a bomber and a dress? (Not to be worn together, though, that might be going a touch too far down the matchy matchy route!).